Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We have collated a collection of popular questions and their answers below, to help answer any queries you may have in relation to school ski trips with Equity. Click on a question below to see the answer, or contact us if you would like additional information.


Who is eligible for concessions, and what do you offer?

Eligibility for concessions varies depending on a number of factors; including group size and destination - please ask your Account Manager / Group Co-ordinatorfor specific information about your particular entitlements.

If you would like to take your children with you, based upon a minimum of 35 full paying people, we are pleased to offer your first child a 50% reduction on the normal student price or a 25% reduction on each package price for two child places. Please note that they need to be between 2 – 17 years of age at the time of travel and they must share a room with their parents or the other students*.

*Europe only. Please enquire about family concessions for ski trips to North America.

What happens if my group numbers decrease?

Depending on the date of the cancellation, you will be charged the relevant cancellation fee as per the table below Click here to jump to the table now. If numbers fall below the quoted minimum group size, a small party supplement will apply.

What happens if I do not meet the minimum numbers for the tour?

Our coach trips are based upon a minimum of 40 full paying people. Should you numbers drop to below this, a small party coach supplement may apply. If numbers are significantly lower than this, we can look to link groups together for coach share. We aim to work with you in order to find the best solution for your group.

What happens if my group numbers increase?

We will always endeavour to accommodate increases in group size. Please be aware that adding extra passengers may have overall cost implications, e.g. if additional flight seats are more expensive, or if a larger coach is required.

What are your cancellation fees?

For a full table of our cancellation fees please visit: booking-conditions#cancellation

Can I extend my payment deadline?

In order to secure accommodation and flights for your trip we put payment deadlines in place. If any of these deadlines are not able to be met please advise your Regional Account Manager or Group Co-ordinatoras soon as possible who will be able to look at an extension on a case by case basis. Contact us >>

When do you need deposits from me?

For our full schedule of deposit payments, please see our 'How to Book' page.

What free place ratio do you offer?

We offer standard free place ratios of 1:10 on air tours and day trips, and 1:8 on coach tours. These can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Can I bring extra adults, in excess of my free place ratio?

You are more than welcome to take an extra adult in addition to your free place, at a supplement. In fact, sometimes teachers like to open the ski trip up to parents too. If your group is made up of more than 30% adults, we may need to re-cost the trip. Please refer to your Account Manager or Group Co-ordinator who will be able to advise you of these supplements.

Can we use our coach whenever we like?

Yes, as long as the required coaching is in accordance with the driver’s regulated hours (which must be followed by law) and is as per your itinerary. Although most drivers are flexible to some degree, unplanned trips or stops are not always feasible, so please discuss your itinerary requirements thoroughly with your Account Manager / Product Delivery Specialist prior to departure.

I’ve found some cheap flights on the internet, can you buy those?

Group air fares differ from individual air fares. It is always much cheaper to buy one ticket individually than multiple tickets at once, and the cost of the tickets increases as more space on an aircraft is filled. This is why ticket prices which can be found online for individual travellers do not match what we are quoted for group travel. Any additional costs, such as booking fees, are also factored in to the overall tour price.

We’re departing in the next few weeks, is my rooming confirmed?

We always endeavour to inform groups of their rooming arrangements as soon as they are made available to us. Most accommodations are not able to finalise rooming arrangements until relatively close to departure, and in some instances stipulate that rooming will be allocated on arrival. In these cases we can usually provide a provisional rooming list, which may be subject to change. All of this information will be provided to you in the MyEquity portal.

What is meant by the term ‘bed share’ and ‘multi-bed’?

Bedshare: In certain destinations, particularly America, typical rooms have either two double/queen size beds or one double/queen bed and a double sofa bed. Therefore, the default allocation is for people of the same gender to share a double bed. Each room is based on four students (bed-sharing) or two adults (non-bed-sharing) unless otherwise stated. Supplements are charged for all under occupied rooms (student triple, twin or single and adult singles) this includes rooms for students, free and paid adult places.

Although opting for bed share does minimise expense, we understand that it is not a suitable option for some schools and are happy to organise alternative rooming arrangements at a supplement.
Some hotels may allow a rollaway beds for a 5th/3rd occupant. We will do all we can to keep the costs down for you and accommodate your group safely, but please note that Equity are unable to waive any room supplements that are applied by the hotel and therefore careful consideration should be taken when organising your rooming.

Multi-bed: On your documentation and in the MyEquity portal you may see that your rooming is advised as ‘1 bed in a multi-bedded’ which simply means that students will be put in multi-bedded rooms, consisting of single and/or bunk beds. Final rooming will then be confirmed to you closer to departure.

Our breakdown of staff includes one male and one female. Will we be charged extra for single rooms?

Supplements always apply for single rooms. However, if you do know in advance that you will have a gender mix requiring single rooms then the cost can be incorporated into your tour price at the provisional booking stage. Please discuss this with your Account Manager .

My Local Authority has given me an External Provider form to complete. Who should I send it to?

Equity is an accredited member of the School Travel Forum (STF) and holders of the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge. This means that we are not required to complete individual County Council / Local Authority External Provider forms. To find out if your Local Authority accepts the LOtC badge, please visit the following website: Only in the event that your Local Authority does not accept the LOtC Badge will we complete individual forms. For more information, please contact your Group Co-ordinator.

What happens if another company offers me a cheaper price?

We appreciate your loyalty and as part of our Price Match incentive will try to compete with any offer. We do however aim to compete responsibly without compromising our service or quality, which means that costs are only cut where this is possible. Take a look at our Special Offers section for up-to-date offers, incentives and full details of our Price Match with terms and conditions. Click here...

I am planning my tour more than a year in advance, will my price change?

We quote responsibly and always endeavor to ensure that the price you confirm on is the price you will pay. However, the price for any air tour that is quoted in advance will be subject to change until flight prices are released, approximately 11 months before your departure date. Where applicable, this is always stated clearly on our quote letters. For further information please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions...

My Head is reluctant to promote a school ski trip within the school as they do not see this to be of educational benefit.
How can you help me promote this?

We believe that there is a big educational benefit to taking a school trip. This includes life skills through new experiences and developing independence. We have further information about educational benefits of school ski trips on our website.

How many ski instructors will our group be entitled to?

We work to an average instructor: student ratio of 1:12 students, of the same ability; we must be mindful of the breakdown of ski abilities as this may not always fit and it is important that we are provided with this information as soon as possible. If there is a shortfall, we can look at arranging an additional instructor at a supplement or we could combine your group with another school for lessons in order to make up the numbers.

What happens if I need to contact someone urgently, whilst I’m in resort?

On arrival you will be given the mobile phone number of the Rep who will be looking after you whilst you are in resort. In the event of an emergency, you should contact your Rep in the first instance. We also have a Duty Office within the UK, which is on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. The Duty Office is staffed by an experienced team who have full details of your tour and can deal efficiently with any problems.

What happens if there isn’t any snow?

As part of our insurance, we include a snow guarantee in order to allow for this. Please contact us for further details.

Is it safe for school groups to be travelling abroad?

In times of global uncertainty you can be sure that when booking a trip with Equity, safety is at the forefront of what we do. As the school ski specialists, we conduct thorough risk assessments and our resorts and hotels are hand-selected because of their suitability for school groups. Our accreditations, including our assurance from the School Travel Forum, enables you as a teacher to “achieve the high health and safety standards governing residential and overseas school trips.”*

We live by a simple principle “Make it fun but make it safe”, perhaps one reason why almost half a million young people have travelled with Equity.

* School Travel Forum, ‘Helping Teachers Plan School Trips’ sourced online

Read more about Health & Safety >>

What are damage deposits and why are these required?

Damage deposits are required to be paid for some hotels and may be added to a booking once confirmed or the hotel may ask for a card payment upon arrival. The price varies depending on destination and accommodation, but is usually around £500. Not all hotels require a damage deposit and they will be refunded in full provided there are additional damage costs.

Do you cater for children with disabilities?

With prior knowledge to booking we can arrange a tour that takes into consideration any students with disabilities. We will also work closely with you to choose the best hotel and resort depending on the needs of your group with features such as doorstep skiing or wheelchair access.

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If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here please speak to your Account Manager , Regional Representative or Group Co-ordinator who will be happy to help.
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