School Skiing in Italy

Italy was recently voted the most popular school ski trip destination!*
*According to the 2017 School Travel Forum Ski Survey

Fabulous skiing, delicious food, stunning scenery and varied evening entertainment- Italy really does have everything you need for a great school trip

We have been operating tours to Italy for over 20 years and have firmly established our reputation as being outstanding experts in this area thanks to our in-depth knowledge of resorts and unrivalled relationships with suppliers.

Our Italian programme has always been highly popular thanks to our range of carefully selected resorts and high quality accommodation, combined with sunny slopes and Italian charm. Many of our resorts have a traditional feel and have retained a genuine culture, which provides an excellent experience for groups, and can be in contrast to some of the purpose-built resorts elsewhere in the Alps.

The Italian Alps are spread across a vast geographical area, from the Maritime Alps in the northwest all the way across to Piancavallo, on the far northeast corner of Italy. The differences from region to region are not only geographical, but also political, cultural and linguistic. Italians are intensely proud of their nationality and region, and local people fervently follow their own traditions and customs. Even food becomes a source of much pride – in the Valtellina they are the sole producers of the buckwheat flour found in some local dishes such as Pizzocheri, whilst the Piedmont area is the home of Gorgonzola cheese.


  • Flight time:


  • Airport transfers:

    1.5- 3hrs

  • Coach from Calais:




Our Italian ski programme operates in two distinct areas, the Piedmont region, including the Milky Way and the Maritime Alps, and the magnificent Dolomites in the far north of Italy close to the Austrian and Swiss borders.


Italy - outline map


The Piedmont region sits close to the French border in the northwest of Italy. Boasting a shorter transfer from Calais than other Italian resorts, these resorts are also served from Turin airport. Many were host venues of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games.

This fertile region is well-known as a producer of Italian wines, and the largest producer of rice in Italy. Centuries ago the mountains provided protection for the Romans from opposing armies. It was over the Piedmont Alps, believed to be via what is now the resort of Claviere, that Hannibal completed his famous crossing of the Alps by elephant.

Today the mountains provide an irresistible lure to the modern day skier, the varied treelined runs and the warm welcome from the locals create an unforgettable experience.

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