Ski Canada

Ski Canada

Best ski trips to Canada – East Coast v West Coast: Popular school trip ideas

Canada is a magnificent land filled with vast swathes of diverse landscapes and spectacular vistas. From its famous peaks to its open plains, stunning wildlife, beautiful lakes and arctic regions, a school ski trip to Canada is a once in a lifetime experience your students will remember forever.

With a rich history, largely bilingual population and the most thrilling range of exciting things to do, Canada offers a collection of experiences your children won’t find anywhere else. Unlike many other destinations, Canada retains a degree of fascination and an unknown quality you don’t find in every destination nowadays.

If you’re thinking of organising a school ski trip to Canada and are not sure whether to head to the East Coast or the West Coast, read on for a clear breakdown of how the two regions differ.

Best ski trips to Canada – East Coast v West: Popular school trip ideas

East Canada:

With Quebec as its headline resort, East Canada offers the chance to experience the unique French-Canadian culture and history of this historic city.

Quebec’s roots date back to 1608, making it a founding city with tons of personality. French is the first language for most of its residents so there are plenty of opportunities for students to practice their language skills.

Skiing here is tamer than the wilds of the West and ideal for less experienced skiers. You’ll find shorter ski slopes that start below the tree line and are carefully looked after with plenty of well defined runs.

Resorts in the East are popular, well-established, buzzing hubs with lots of shops, restaurants and things to do. Quebec is a major city so there are plenty of attractions to enjoy alongside lots of beautiful, forest edged scenery.

From a tour of Old Quebec, to a boat cruise, a visit to the 15th century Basilique Cathedrale, museums, ice skating, delicious French-Canadian cuisine and so much more, this is a dynamic city with great skiing as well as lots to keep everyone entertained.

West Canada:

For wild terrain, glorious powder and wide open slopes edged by jagged mountainous peaks - head to West. Experienced skiers will find the West a haven of deep snow, intense ski experiences and natural, untamed slopes.

The famous peaks here are endless if want famed slopes to conquer. The challenging terrain and chilled west coast vibe means you’ll find quieter ski resorts accompanied by lots of former mining towns, still fronted by Victorian-style facades.

Winter activities are plentiful with everything from snowshoeing, to dog sledding, ice climbing and snow mobiling possible in the deep snow.


For most school and youth groups, the East Coast offers the inclusive terrain and activities they need. If you’re looking for a specialist experience for more experienced skiers, the untamed West may be for you.

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